Simple Kitchen Ideas To Make It Look Updated

Have dreams of doing something different with your kitchen? Maybe you have a small budget and don’t want to tackle a big project of re-facing the cabinets or replacing them. There are some simple ideas to make any kitchen more updated and modern.


By taking off the doors of a few cabinets, this allows everyone to view dishes and beautiful displays that you can add to the shelves. This idea is trendy and gives the kitchen a more spacious feeling. Painting the face of the cabinet may also help the space to look new and more modern. Updating the cabinet knobs/handles can really change the look of the cabinets.



Add signs related to eating and the kitchen to give the space extra design and character. Chalkboard signs are very trendy right now. Pictures like photographs or a collection of pictures can make the room more personalized.

Other Ideas

A breakfast bar or island can be added to a larger kitchen. It will break up the space and give you more counter and cabinet space. That counter is a great location for other seasonal decorations. A new kitchen faucet will be very noticeable and add style. Do you have a window in your kitchen? Adding a new type of treatment will reflect your style and give the room more character. Lighting fixtures can be updated also. Adding lighting beneath the cabinets is a great idea and very trendy. The flooring could be updated to make it look new and bring the room to life.

These ideas will get you thinking about how you can make changes to your kitchen. You may find things around your house and it’s just a matter of placing them in the right spot. If you have a certain design style, a small budget can get you on your way to your kitchen decorating remodel.